Racing Couples - Russell and Caroline Osborne

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Persistence can be just as useful as passion in burgeoning dalliances and while pride may be dented occasionally, determination and perseverance will often win out.

Working as an equine vet has challenges, the role is all encompassing and the advances of any Lothario are difficult to distinguish between the ultrasound machine and foaling down.

Such was the situation for veterinarian, Caroline Osborne, who clearly had the blinkers on when it came to the advances of her now husband Russell.

"When I first met Russell, I actually did not even consider that he was in any way, any shape or form ever going to become my, my partner," Osborne said.

"I reckon for months, I didn't even register that he was there.

"He was just another bloke bringing mares in for me to scan, he had to do the chasing."

Russell's ingenuity - without giving too much away - involved a greyhound and a bottle of wine, an odd combination which has led to a very smooth ending.

WATCH: Racing Couples - Russell and Caroline Osborne